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Our History

Edith (right) and Mary are sisters and friends – it’s been like that their whole lives. From the 1960s-70s when they shopped at local vintage stores until now that they’ve retired in TR, they have stayed friends. 

They moved to Greenville in 1972 when their dad’s company, Norfolk Southern, transferred him here. Used to moving every 2-3 years, it was a little easier that time because Edith went on to college and Mary got her own bedroom at last! They never lived in the same town after that until 2015 when they both retired and moved back to Greenville with their husbands and empty nests to watch over their mother.

So it is no surprise that they started hanging out together shopping for vintage collectibles or having lunch at some interesting restaurants that just opened. Earlier in 2013, they started selling some of their vintage collections online. But those collections expanded suddenly when their mother moved from her 4,000 sq. ft. home to a 1200 sq. ft. apartment in a retirement center. That’s when they decided to rent a booth at an antique shop.

But, one booth grew to a second one and when they looked for a third one in late 2016, they found a small shop in Travelers Rest that was closing. They worked out a deal to take over the space and that’s when RetroMarketplace was born.

In early 2017 they started with a one-room shop and a storage unit which has since bloomed into three rooms for retail sales and two rooms for storage by the third year. Even as they expand, they still store many items at home where they paint and repair furniture in both basements.  

They make a good team – Mary does most of the buying and sales while Edith takes care of the admin duties and runs the repair shop in the back. They specialize in vintage clothing, home décor and upcycled items using vintage materials. 

The sisters have an eye for styles from the 1940s-90s and take care to provide high quality collectibles with a reasonable price. So, next time you’re in TR for lunch, stop in and chat about their vintage cameras, albums, dresses or mid-century barware – enjoy the memories!

Check out a short video of our shop!

“My daughter LOVED this tea set for her birthday present!! You guys have the coolest stuff!”

– Jan F.

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